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    Fresh cut straight out the salon bitch.

    so chic omg


  2. rhobi:

    i’m temporarily opening commissions because, sadly, my mom’s slowly falling behind bills and needs some financial help. WHILE I AM VERY MUCH WILLING, i don’t have that much to offer.

    so for a LIMITED TIME, i’m doing full body, full color (with possible minimal shading) drawings for


  3. I think about you moaning my name.

  4. thatfunnyblog:

    i feel like this is a real family photo

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  9. Anonymous said: Heard kevin needs to go to rehab for eating too much ass


    Yeah without the lowry’s seasoning salt and everything


  10. w3ndyclear:

    Day 3/365 Day Music Challenge 

    I feel like I should be concerned,

    that things can’t be saved once they’re burned,

    but for once I threw it in the furnace,

    I watched it burn right between us.

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  12. darienvilchez:

    Pool, Dogtown (1974)

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  14. joewhyteillustration:

    New Moleskine!

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  15. Going no where fast #vscocam